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Raysanet is proud to have been serving you dear people since 2011 in the field of computer services and installation and support of mikrotik networks and network cameras in entertainment, office and commercial centers.

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address: Isfahan – Soroush St

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our goal

our goal

Ensure your router security and convenience

Our goal is to try to provide the services and facilities you need from network and computer equipment in a simple and changeable way in the fastest possible time with fast and responsive support as well as providing security for your network.
Obviously, trying and investing in this vast field has been associated with many problems, but the desire to achieve lofty goals such as entrepreneurship, customer satisfaction and research directly and indirectly is the most important factor that is considered beyond economic motivation.

Our identity

Our identity


The management team of this group has always played a role in a dynamic and systematic way in the development and excellence of the range of services that can be provided to customers and the security and easy use of network devices provided to customers and relying on the knowledge and experience of its human resources Objectives such as the development, smartening and implementation of new technologies in the field of advanced computer networks.

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  • without concern
  • Receive users' internet volume reports via email
  • Automatic control of internet connection
  • Saving time
  • Reduce costs
  • 24-hour and remote support
  • Receive users' internet volume reports via email
  • No need to have knowledge to use the router
  • Receive users' internet volume reports via email
  • No need to have knowledge to use the router

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Do not worry about your network system with Raysanet anymore


Network Architectonics

Network design is a topic that is very important for companies due to the variety of communications and the type of devices that exist in the network, the type of communication between devices and the amount of their consumption inside the network and outside the network.

Network Monitoring

The subject of network monitoring is a very important issue in the network communication of organizations and companies in which the item of time plays an important role. Today, time plays an important role in advancing the goals of companies and organizations and their financial development and competition with other companies.

Network Security

The Raysanet programming team prioritizes network security from the beginning, and in the programming that is done on your router through the Raysanet site, your network security settings are applied first.


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This program is a work of Raysanet’s programming team that provides information about the network to which you are connected and also a series of special features for friends who have registered on the Raysanet site are available in this program, which we will review together.

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Network Architectonics , Network Monitoring, Network Security


Network design involves many different skills and disciplines in setup


Network information software

Get all the information about the network you are connected to

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