Network Architectonics


Network design is a topic that is very important for companies due to the variety of communications and the type of devices that exist in the network, the type of communication between devices and the amount of their consumption inside the network and outside the network

Network Architectonics with Raysanet

Considering this category, the Raysanet team has solved this need by placing smart and efficient tools inside the Raysanet site and the Raysanet windows program with easy and simplified access

Details are the most important thing in network design. The details mean that you can be completely in control of your network and be able to define permissions and restrictions in a categorized and separate way for users within your network, such as access restrictions to different site addresses or addresses inside the network and the limitation of the amount of internet use has been created by considering the speed and volume of internet usage with the ability to be automatically controlled by the router or permanently and the ability to reset the amount of usage of each user in your user panel

On the Raysanet site, considering the details and the effects that each of these details have on your network, interactive and intelligent programming is defined between the Raysanet site server and your device So that your device can apply your settings and definitions on the network without interruption

You can design and register your network according to your needs in your special user panel on the Raysanet site by watching educational videos and contacting the site’s supporters via email or online chat or through social networks. At any stage, if you have any questions or problems, the Raysanet team is by your side


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