Network Monitoring


The subject of network monitoring is a very important matter in the network communication of organizations and companies, in which the item of time plays a significant role.
Today, time plays an important role in advancing the goals of companies and organizations and their progress in terms of finance and competition with other companies.


Network Monitoring with Raysanet


Considering this very important matter, Raysanet has implemented interactive programming on Raysanet’s website server and Mikrotik routers so that the router in your company or organization can intelligently and at all hours of the day and night all the events that happen in the network. control and manage what happens, and if a problem occurs, report it to the server in real time so that you don’t have to search for support and wait for the problem to be solved after the successful connection of the support or wait for the support to visit in person. Your problem in the network will be solved by the first online and available support in Raysanet.

In addition, we add a feature to your router so that it can send a report of users’ performance on the network in a timed manner based on their internet usage on your email.

The meaning of interactive programming on the router and site server is that whenever you make a change in your management panel for your network settings, the Raysanet server by creating a secure and unhackable connection with your router device will transfer these settings to the The router sends and the router controls these changes with intelligent and automatic programming and makes these changes you want at all levels of the network.

The changes that are controlled and monitored in the router network at the moment:
1- Control the list of users allowed to connect
2- Control of users who have not connected to the network for a long time to release the assigned IP and related settings of that user.
3- Intelligent control of the remaining available bandwidth to divide the remaining available bandwidth among other users
4- Controlling the amount of free RAM and CPU in the router to run processes in the router and scheduling processes when RAM and CPU are free to run each process.

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