Network Security

Network security is a key issue in network setup. No matter how advanced and advanced your network is, if it is penetrable, it is practically useless.

Network Security with Raysanet

The Raysanet programming team prioritizes this important issue from the beginning, and in the programming that is done on your router through the Raysanet site, your network security settings are applied first.

In the programming that is done in your router, all security logs, including the connections of the router login and unauthorized data and logging in unauthorized networks, are identified and sent to the Raysant server through the router and the Raysant server automatically detects security holes and prevents hackers from entering your network.

Raysanet’s research team monitors these security logs and makes these holes impermeable in Raysanet’s firewall and in the updates that are sent to your router, your router device will protect you from those intrusions forever.

These updates apply to Raysanet server programming to protect all Raysant subscribers as well as new subscribers from possible intrusions.

With this description, you can do your job with peace of mind and do not have any worries about hackers infiltrating and not having security in communications and maintaining information in your network, Raysanet is by your side.

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