Raysanet is proud to serve you, dear people, in the field of computer services and installation and support of Mikrotik networks and network cameras in entertainment, office and commercial centers since 2011.
The management team of this complex has always played a dynamic and systematic role in the development and improvement of the range of services that can be provided to customers and the security and ease of use of the network devices provided to customers, relying on the knowledge and experience of its human resources in order to achieve Goals such as development, intelligentization and implementation of new technologies are taking place in the field of advanced computer networks.



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Our Goal


Our goal is to try to provide the services and facilities you need from network and computer equipment in a simple and changeable way as soon as possible with fast and responsive support as well as ensuring the security of your network.
It is obvious that effort and investment in this vast field has been accompanied by many problems, but the desire to achieve high goals such as entrepreneurship, customer satisfaction and research directly and indirectly is the most important factor that has been considered beyond an economic motive.



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Engineer Arash Boroumandzadeh

Founder, Manager

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